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From March 22, 2022 @ 6pm


over 100 community members showed to gather in opposition and have their comments heard at the March 22nd Meeting. Unfortunately, we were met with an overwhelming effort to prevent the public from participating in the public hearing that they earned.

1. The maximum occupancy of town chambers was reduced "overnight" from 135-78. (Multiple requests for  larger venue went unanswered)

2. The television in the hallway of town hall, which is usually left on for additional viewing was off.

3. People were prevented from entering town hall because the doors were locked

4. A large police presence including the police chief were on Town Hall property even though there hasn't been a single incidence or indication from the community of any such behavior that would warrant this kind of presence.

For those community members that were able to be accommodated within town chambers, they weren't there long. The council quickly decided to ignore the communities right to hold a public hearing on the day that it was posted and granted the applicant a

3-month extension to make the efforts with the community and complete the necessary studies that should've been done in the time prior to the March 22, 2022, public hearing.

This continuance brought to you by the Following Council Votes:

Mayor Miller: YES

Vice Mayor Annie Perkins: YES

Councilman McCafferty: YES

Councilman Kelly: YES

Councilman Turner: NO

Councilman Granillo: NO

Councilman Armstrong: NO

In no way did the applicant earn that continuance 

This Item has been continued to The Town Council Meeting on June 26th @ 6pm

Meeting Updates: News & Updates


From March 1, 2022 @6pm

Planning and zoning meeting heard the case for the proposed rezone of 2820 N Road 1 East. After 3 hours of public hearing and 29 community members speaking on their opposition to the rezone. The commission Voted 4-3 to forward a recommendation of NO to the town council.

This Victory was brought by the Following Commissioners:

Chair Merrit: YES

Vice Chair Pasciak: YES

Commissioner Welker: YES

Commissioner Switzer: NO

Commissioner Penn: NO

Commissioner Somerville: NO

Commissioner Meadors: NO

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