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Recapping the Town Council Meeting 8.23.22

Last nights council meeting was held at 6pm at town hall (202 N. Highway 89)

Agenda items discussed included

The acceptance of a bid for the purchase of 40 acres of land at Old Home Manor for $1.1 million for the development of an RV park. There was not a public hearing on the item last night as the vote was just to accept the purchase. The project will have to go through all the necessary channels (planning, notification, commission, council) prior to being fully approved for production. The developer who has bid on the property does have a great track record for development projects.

Consideration to approve a text amendment to the town UDO (unified development ordinance) pertaining to guest houses. There was no shortage of conversation and questions brought forth by the council members regarding this topic. Several community members voiced concern, and some submitted letters as to why they didn’t feel that the guest house amendment should be approved. Basically, right now town code states that anyone with 1 acre plus of land can have a separate structure as a guest house. It is against town code to rent out that guest house for monetary gain. The text amendment would allow those guests houses already existing to be rented out on a short- or long-term basis. It would also allow anyone with 1 acre plus to add a “like” structure to their property for the purpose of renting it out. There were several objections some of which pertained to the monitoring of the properties (code enforcement) and lot split/rezoning concerns as sr-1 districts should not be able to have 2 separate household structures on them. This would essentially be .5 acre or 24,000 sq ft lot zoning. The council ultimately decided to continue this item “indefinity” which allows them to consider it at any time in the future. I spoke with the Laurie Lineberry (Director of Planning Department) after the meeting, and we were in agreeance that there is nothing more that the (p & z) commission could do to make the text amendment more efficient. The real problem is that there is not any point in implementing more rules or property uses if said rules and uses can’t be regulated. This will be a close topic to keep an eye on. The council did mention having a joint study session with the P&Z commission to discuss the topic further.

Rezone appx 1 acre of land from Industrial to SR-1-Granite creek road between home lane and misty lane

There were no comments and very little discussion before this item was passed.

Lorette Brashear (Chino Valley Chamber) Gave a great update on the growth and new home for the Chamber (directly across 89 from town hall) lots of info about exciting upcoming events.

Watch here

Thats a wrap up of the agenda items. Please comment below with questions and feedback. Also dont forget to follow along on Facebook and subscribe to the Chino Alliance email list.

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